Our First $1,000 HHS Class of 68 Scholarship

We are happy and proud to announce that our class scholarship fund now has a balance of a little over $30,000. Thanks to all of our classmates who have made this possible. We will be awarding our first annual scholarship of $1,000 this year. The HHS awards assembly will be held on Wednesday, May 7th at 9:30am in the Salt Hawk Activity Center. Our committee plans to attend the assembly. We welcome any other classmates who would like to join us to see the presentation of our first scholarship. We do not yet have the information on the recipient of our class scholarship. We will share this information with you after the awards assembly.

We should all be proud of this accomplishment. We will be helping an HHS student further his/ her education this year and for years to come. Also, please remember that even though we have met and exceeded our goal, you can still contribute to our fund. If our fund grows, we may be able to award more dollars or perhaps fund two scholarships. Contributions should be made payable to “The Hutchinson Community Foundation” and please write “HHS Class of 68” in the memo line. Mail your contributions to the Hutchinson Community Office at P.O. Box 298, Hutchinson, KS 67504-0298. Remember that your donations are tax deductible and go towards a very good cause.

The Scholarship Committee:

Frank Stuckey

Nellene Grose Kenyon

Sandy McElwain Woodson

Julie Sherrill Drach

Below is the criteria used to select the recipient of our Class Scholarship:

HHS Class of 1968

Scholarship Criteria

One $1000 scholarship awarded to a graduating HHS senior planning to attend a regents college or private university in Kansas (includes most 2-year, 4-year, and technical schools) from the HHS Class of1968. The selection committee will consider the following criteria.

            1. The applicant should present a demonstrable need for financial aid.

            2. Has maintained a minimum 3.0 GPA and has not been awarded more than one other local scholarship.

            3. Participation in at least one extracurricular activity and/or holding a job is preferred.

            4. Applicant who demonstrates good citizenship, goal orientation, and leadership  potential should receive favorable consideration.

 Submit a personal statement that reflects the above criteria to the Counseling Center.

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